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Outsell's Intelligence Platform is a full stack solution. Our analyst team, thought leading research, and data produces powerful solutions, turns complexity into clarity, and provides the facts and insights necessary to make the right decisions.

What does the Intelligence Platform do?

 Your personal tool that provides answers to your most pressing questions:

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How big is my market and how fast is it growing?

Layer 6

How do I plan for growth in an industry undergoing rapid convergence?

Layer 7

How do I avoid costly mistakes?

Layer 8

What is my competition doing and how should we respond?

Layer 1

How well is my product portfolio serving end users in a constantly evolving environment?

Layer 2

Who are the disruptors in my industry and where are there opportunities to disrupt?

Layer 3

What M&A activity is occurring in my space and what do the valuations look like?

Layer 4

What is happening with new content technology and trends?


Providing advisory and analytics for these demanding questions is our sweet spot.

Membership Includes:

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Research & Analysis

A license for you or your team that grants access to ground-breaking Outsell research, including Insights and reports by segment, covering the hottest trends and topics in your space.
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Outsell's Platform Tools

Access to Outsell’s Intelligence platform, which provides tools for your role, including valuations and operating benchmarks.
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Dedicated Support

24×7/365 confidential decision support from your peers in the community and Outsell analysts, expert thought leaders in the information industry.
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Analyst Access

Access to Outsell’s analysts to bounce around ideas, validate assumptions, and receive expert advisory on markets, trends, opportunities, and threats.
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Conference Registration

An invitation to register for Outsell’s DataMoney Conference, our exclusive event for monetizing your data assets, at a preferred rate.
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Custom Research

Custom research and consulting for diving deeper into challenging issues at a preferred rate.

Select One, Two, or All Segments:

  • B2B Trade & Business Information & Company Information

  • Education Content, EdTech & Human Capital Management

  • Finance, Credit & Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Information Management & Library

  • Legal & Regulatory & Governance Risk & Compliance

  • Media & Marketing

  • Scientific, Technical & Medical Information

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Outsell’s analytic team is here to help you fine-tune your strategy and propel your firm forward.
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